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Library of Congress Classification System: Library of Congress System

Library of Congress Divisions

A general works. B philosophy, psychology, religion. C auxiliary sciences of history. D history, general and old world. E history, Americas. F histories, Americas. G geography, anthropology, recreation. H social sciences. J Political science. K law. L education. M music and books on music. N fine arts. P language and literature. Q Science. R medicine. S agriculture. T technology. U military science. V naval science. W not assigned. X not assigned. Y not assigned. Z library science.
Note the absence of I and O, letters that can be easily confused with numbers.

What is the Library of Congress Classification System?

The Library of Congress system is used by most college and university libraries to organize books on the library shelves. It is an alpha-numeric system. Each item in the library has a label with letters and numbers (together called a call number) which indicates its place on the shelf. The letters indicate a subject area, and the numbers which follow further subdivide the broader topic into more specific categories. 

Start with a search in the library catalog or use the search box below. After locating the page for a specific title, scroll down to "Find a copy in the library" and the call number will be listed for the book. 

Library of Congress

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Tips for locating print books:

  • Search the library catalog for books on your topic. You can search by author, title or keyword.
  • You can renew materials from our library collection by phone, in person, or online (by signing into your account - learn how to sign in here) as long as no other person has requested the material. If you have any questions contact the library at 559-325-5215.