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Supreme Court Cases: Getting Started

Current Cases

  • United States Supreme Court Website
    The official website of the United States Supreme Court. It includes current decisions, docket information, oral argument calendar, court rules, and biographies of the justices.
  • Cornell Legal Information Institute
    Hosted by the Cornell Law School, this service is dedicated to providing free access to legal information on the internet.
  • Oyez Project
    Hosted by the Chicago-Kent School of Law, this site offers audio recordings of oral arguments, summaries of cases, and "deep dives" on the most prominent cases of the day.
  • U.S. Law Week  
    Weekly round-up of legal news, with a special emphasis on Supreme Curt events.
  • ABA Preview of the United States Supreme Court Cases
    Preview is an eight-issue subscription publication that provides, in advance of oral argument, expert, plain-language analysis of all cases given plenary review by the Supreme Court. 

The Supreme Court



 Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the Consitutionality of governmental action. The cases before it reflect legal issues that are at the very core of our system of justice. The Court's decisions demonstrate the delicate balance between the need for stability of law and the need for law to grow and adapt to changes in society.

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