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Banned Books Week 2020: Who Challenges Books?

Who Challenges Books?

This page tells you a little bit more information about who challenges books, where they are challenged, and the reasons given for challenging them.

Who Challenges Books?

Books & materials are challenged by a variety of people and groups. This graph shows who challenged these books according to complaints reported to the Office of Intellectual Freedom.

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Why Books Were Banned or Challenged in 2019

The following word cloud shows the most common reasons complainants gave for challenging a book in order to remove access to it in 2019.

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Did You Know?

The American Library Association estimates that 82-97% of book challenges ("silent challenges") go unreported to the Office of Intellectual Freedom. This is for a variety of reasons including the fear of losing their job, public criticism and attacks, and more. The Top 10 List of Banned & Challenged Books, as well as the information on why they were challenged and who challenged the books as seen on this page, is based on what is reported to the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom. "Public Challenges" are challenges that are reported and verified by a third party.

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It's Not Just Books...

Books aren't the only items threatened by censorship. 

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