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World History and Western Civilization: Books

E-book Collections

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From the home page click on "Browse Subjects" and select "History (General) and History of Europe" to search and browse ebooks on all different areas of Western Civilization. 

A collection of books from the American Historical Association and Columbia University Press. (Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view PDF files; QuickTime or RealOne players are required to play audio and video files.)

European History Call Numbers

Many of the books on European History are classified under the call letter D, but not all. Search the library catalog for additional books and check the call number of the items you are interested in!

D          History
DA       Great Britain and Central Europe
DB       Austria

DC       France

DD       Germany

DE       Greco-Roman World 
DF       Greece

DG       Italy

DF       Low Countries

DJ       Netherlands

DJK    Eastern Europe

DK       Russia and Soviet Union

DL       Northern Europe, Scandinavia

DP      Spain - Portugal

DQ      Switzerland

DR       Balkan Peninsula

DS       Asia/Middle East/Mesopotamia

DT       Egypt and Africa

Suggested Titles

Finding Books

Search tips for locating primary sources in the library catalog:

  • Try to combine topic, keyword, or a person's name with any of the following: autobiography, personal narratives, letters, correspondence, diaries, memoirs or sources.
  • Search by the author to find materials someone has written.
  • Advanced Search: try a word or phrase representing your topic on one line. On the second line select "subject" from the drop-down menu and type: sources

Tip: Sources is the subject sub-heading used by WorldCat and the library catalog to describe primary sources. For example: 

The list of results will include primary sources.

Search Topics

Searching the Catalog
When searching for history and western civilization resources in the online library catalog, start by using a broad term for your topic. 

For example:
If the topic is "Assyrian Conquests 900-612 BCE" try the search term "Assyria."
If the topic is "Carthage and Child Sacrifice" try the search term "Carthage."

This expands your list of results, and books on the general subject often contain sections with information on more specific topics.

Advanced Search
You can search by keyword, subject, title, or author under the advanced search screen.  Try the subject terms below to find books within the State Center Community College District on events throughout history.  

Subject Specific 
Apology of Socrates

General Topics
Civilization, Classical
Civilization, Greco-Roman
Civilization, Medieval
Civilization, Western
Civilization, Western History
Egypt Civilization to 332 B.C. 
History-East Asia
History-Middle East

Add a European country or region to the above term for more specific results. For example:

History, Ancient
History, Modern
Middle Ages

World history